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WELCOME to my artist website and online shop! My name is Caitlynn and I'm an artist based in beautiful Portland, Oregon. 


People are longing for a sense of connection with the mystery, power and timelessness of our shared human history.  Every sci-if or fantasy film with a hero’s journey or sacred quest is an attempt to quench this desire.  People are looking for a feeling of magic and connectedness after they turn off their screens and unplug.


The mythic and imaginative world is a very real part of my life, and my pieces are a doorway for people to have a little peace, or magic or adventure in their lives.

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Caitlynn Abdow was born and raised in the rolling hills of Western Massachusetts and spent her childhood exploring the outdoors, dusty old art history books, and illustrated dictionaries. In 2008 she achieved a degree in Painting and Art History at the University of Massachusetts. That same year she moved to Portland, Oregon where she now resides and works. Caitlynn Abdow is an award winning and published artist having shown in over 30 fine art gallery exhibitions nationwide. Her art focuses on a visual language of ancient and contemporary symbolism while featuring a limited naturalistic color palette. Caitlynn works primarily with oil paints and watercolors to render figurative and narrative works. 


"My artworks are both informed and inspired by my fascination with all things ancient and sacred. Through research and reading, I cull through the visual history of humanity searching for links to our past, present, and future as told in ancient folklore and mythology. By drawing upon our collective history of symbolism, my art becomes infused with a visual language that speaks to our humanity and narrates our collective consciousness." -Caitlynn Abdow


oil paint, watercolors, india ink, archival paper, linen, foraged plant dye, mixed media, vintage frames, gold leaf


Caitlynn Abdow (b.)1986 Massachusetts (l.) Portland, OR


2018 Alchemy of Oil Paint, Praxis Arts, Seattle, WA

2008 BFA, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

2005 La Napoule Art Program, La Napoule, France


2021 Oregon Arts Watch

2019 Interview with Curensea

2017 Out Of Step Books Under the Sea

2017 Mythos Podcast Lore Britanica

2016 Out Of Step Books Black and White Volume Three

2016  Beautiful Bizarre Yay!LA Legends Everyday 


2018 Harvest, Imperial on Alberta, Portland, OR (Solo Exhibition)

2017 Change, Multnomah Arts Center, Portland, Oregon

2017 Little Loves, Hair Parloux, Portland, OR

2017 Apophenia/Epiphany, Latchkey Gallery, Portland, Oregon (Solo Exhibition)


2021 Understanding Ourselves, Parrish Gallery, Newberg, OR

2020 Our Changing Context, Parrish Gallery, Newberg, OR 

2020 Yin Yang, The Remains Gallery, Hood River, OR

2019 Big and Small, Columbia Center for the Arts, Hood River, OR

2019 Redux Gallery, Portland, OR

2019 The Remains Gallery, Hood River, OR

2019 Art of Celebration, Art for the People Gallery, Austin, TX

2018 HeArt, Calvaria Gallery, Millville, NJ

2018 If it Is, The Remains Gallery, Hood River, OR

2017 Day of the Dead, ZB Gallery, Sherwood, OR

2017 Dark Arts Show, Working Artists Studio, Portland, OR

2017 InkCraft, Killer Pink Gallery, Portland, OR

2017 Coaster Show, La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2017 Fire on the Water, Portland'5 Center for the Arts

2017 Carnal Love, AniChe Cellars, Hood River, Oregon

2017 Heart and Soul, Columbia Center for the Arts, Hood River, OR

2016 Big 500, Ford Gallery, Portland, Oregon

2016 Untamed Fauna, Alexi Era Gallery, Eugene, OR

2016 Icons 2, The Remains Gallery, Hood River, OR

2016 Mythical Mermaids, La Bodega Gallery, San Diego, CA

2016  The Coaster Show, La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2016 Smell of Good Mud, Ugly Art Room, Corvallis, OR

2016  Love of Portland, People's Art of Portland Gallery, Portland, OR

2015  Big 500, People’s Art of Portland Gallery, Portland, OR

2015  Icons, The Remains Gallery, Hood River, OR

2015  F. Catus, Pond Gallery, Portland, OR

2014  Strange Lands, Pond Gallery, Portland, OR

2014 Bale Fire: Of Ribbon and Boar, Pond Gallery, Portland, OR

2013  Women Icons, Gallery (m)ini, Portland, OR

2012  Up Close and Personal, Gallery 114, Portland, OR 

2009  Inaugural Exhibit, Art:Raw, New York, NY


2006  College of Humanities and Fine Arts Achievement Award, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

2005  Chancellor's Talent Award, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

2004  Rhode Island School of Design Annual Art Award

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