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as a gift for a loved one, to memorialize a moment in time, or add to your art collection at home

Hello! My name is Caitlynn Abdow and I'm an artist living in Vernon Connecticut and working in Silk City, AKA Manchester, Connecticut. I love bringing concepts to life and capturing people on canvas and paper.


I've been an artist for as long as I can remember. Since receiving my BFA in 2008, I have worked as a professional artist. You can find me creating carefully crafted art series and custom commissions by night while  working as a professionally licensed tattoo artist by day. 

When starting a custom commission project with a new client, I use a 5 step process geared towards creating  a mutually positive experience and successful outcome: 

  1. The first thing I start with is a free consultation, in which you will have the opportunity to share your ideas, reference images and color preferences.

  2. Next, I like to start a candid discussion about your desired budget and timeline, to ensure that all parties reach a fair price and agree upon a reasonable deadline.

  3. Once we've agreed on a concept, timeline and price I create a small scale, rough preliminary sketch to submit for your review and approval. 

  4. As soon as the sketch is approved, I start to create your custom artwork and keep you updated on my progress. 

  5. When your art is completed I deliver or mail the art directly to you with notice!

If you haven't already, please feel free to review my artist resume and check out my online art portfolio to see my latest artwork. 

step by step example of my custom commission process


Where are you located? 

  • I live, work and create in Connecticut, USA.


What types of work do you do?

  • I do custom paintings and drawings.

  • My paintings tend to be figurative, narrative, surreal, nature-based or portraiture.

  • I love to do detailed, realistically rendered paintings in watercolor or oil paint, and also tattoo-flash style illustrations with ink and watercolor.

  • I also do indoor and outdoor murals, and make hardbound books.


What materials do you use?

  • Each custom commission project is unique and I choose materials to convey each concept. Some of the artist mediums I most frequently use include gouache, pen & ink, watercolor, oil paints, and mixed media applications. 

  • For my paintings I use archival processes with professional grade single-pigment paints, acid-free paper and high quality linen mounted on board.

  • For murals the materials vary depending on the surface provided, but I primarily use house paint for their durability and finish options that can work both indoors and outdoors.


How do you determine the price?

  • For paintings I price per square inch and have different per-inch standards for the different mediums I use (illustration style watercolor projects use less expensive materials and are completed much faster than oil painting portraits). 

  • For murals, books and other projects I price on a case by case basis, but I estimate my cost of materials and the time it will take me to complete the project to come up with a fair price.  If you have a budget in mind when you contact me please include it!  I’m happy to work within your bounds however I can.


What are your delivery options?

  • I’m happy to ship or deliver within the Hartford metro area. 

  • For non-local, small commissions I ship with USPS and for large projects I work with a local art shipper.  Shipping prices depend on size and location.


How do deposits and payments work?

  • For commissions I require a non-refundable, up-front deposit of 50%. This allows me to buy materials and pay myself while I’m working on your project. 

  • The final balance is due upon completion of the work and before I ship it. 

  • If I’m delivering in person to you the balance can be paid in person. 

  • I accept Venmo, PayPal and Cash.

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