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  • Writer's pictureCaitlynn Abdow

Who wants to spend time uploading images when they could be painting?! This year I've resolved to keep a better digital inventory of my artwork, so I have already gone ahead and updated my portfolio on this site. You will find new works in my FLAURA / FAUNA / STONE series!

One of the other things that I'm currently working on is customizing and updating a new database program with information on my sold and unsold works. While it is slightly headache inducing, I know that once it is set up it will be completely worth it. What tools and ideas are you using in 2018 to stay on top of organization?

  • Writer's pictureCaitlynn Abdow

As some of you may know, I've been taking a brief hiatus from posting to instagram so that I can focus on new things for the New Year. One of the most exciting things that is happening this January is moving into the new studio space (one floor down, almost directly below my former space!) in the Carton Services studios.

The new studio is the perfect home away from home where I can create art, listen to podcasts, and get down to business. I didn't want to move away from my previous studio mates, but I'm thrilled to have the extra space to work in. I will be using the space to continue creating art and to launch my new Etsy shop.

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