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"Exploring the Beauty of Manchester, Connecticut: A Butterfly Stroll Experience"

Manchester has just been designated an official cultural district by the state of Connecticut, and it’s kicking off with 2nd Saturday events across town. Mother's Day weekend, there will be lots to see, especially in my little downtown neighborhood!

On May 11th, the first event of this cultural celebration takes flight, quite literally, with a butterfly stroll! As you explore, watch for my unique Sailor Jerry-inspired butterfly, nestled in one of the planters on Main Street between Purnell and Oak. This is the same vibrant block that houses WORKSPACE, Manchester Hardware, Perennial, and, of course, Wildwood!

Where: Start at the Forest Street Parking Lot to see the welcome tent and get a map

When: Saturday, May 11th 10am to 4pm

What: Butterfly art, crafts, build-a-bouquet, tours, scavenger hunt, and more!

I'm thrilled to invite you to explore Manchester and experience the vibrant cultural events that make this place so special. I can't wait for you to see why I love it here!



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